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This Application is The world`s first to be able to install language on Android Phone.You can download the ALP 0.99/D4 here:Google Drive!c4A2kZoZ!frYok3d...If you use this app, you can :- Install language(s) on android phone- Delete language(s) on android phone- Repair IMEI number- Language(s) stealing on android phone- Screen Capture- Android Language Editor powered by Bing TranslateIf you use this features, you can tranlate all android app on your native languageOf course, you can translate the phone`s application.- Phone`s information with Memory map- Make Scatter.txt to Chinese Android phone- Root Under 2.3.6 with zergRush exploit- Root 4.0 and Up- If you want to use this application on your native language, you can translate very easy with Editor part.- and many many useful featuresIf you want to know more information with this application, please write an email to androidlangproject@gmail.comHave a nice day!